TEWS Elektronik Microwave Moisture Analyser
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TEWS Elektronik laboratory measuring instruments should be used whenever the moisture content of product samples needs to be measured accurately. They are useful where conventional moisture measuring methods, such as drying cabinets and Karl Fischer titrations are too time-consuming.

Analyses are independent of natural variations in product properties, such as color, grain size, salt content or bulk density. These robust and functional systems are extremely easy to operate - making operator error extremely unlikely. Measurements can be stored on a PC network or USB memory stick for further analysis.

A large number of different moisture sensors will be used in the operations of our laboratory measuring instruments. The tubular sensors are also able to measure density.

No preparation of samples required The TEWS Elektronik measuring method allows the moisture in product samples to be measured without any preparation. No grinding, weighing before and after the test, or use of chemical reagents. The sample under analysis is neither modified nor heated and can usually be returned to ongoing use.

Results obtained within seconds Measurement results are obtained within seconds. As soon as the sample is filled into the sensor, the result will be displayed and can be stored. The speed of the results can often help to avoid costly process delays.

Analysis of results Results are stored in the instrument together with the date, time and other operational details. The measuring system or an external PC, can be used to prepare a statistical analysis of results or display a time vs. value chart of sensor readings.

MW 4300 and MW 4310 Laboratory tester MW 4300 features a 10.4 (26,4 cm) color touchscreen monitor for displaying sensor values and for the configuration parameter setup. For display and configuration, MW 4310 requires a commercially available monitor and PC-keyboard. "TEWS Moisture View ©" is installed in both instruments.

Brief Description

Large laboratory instruments for the sophisticated user, with the choice of a built-in 10.4 (26,4 cm) color touch screen or without the built-in touch screen, for connecting to a PC-Monitor, Keyboard, and mouse. In both circumstances, the TEWS Moisture View © software guarantees the simplest operation and an easily viewed results display.

All additional important information can be found here for downloading in PDF format:

 MW 43X0 (438.5 KB)

Possible Instrument Sensors

Here you will find the sensors that fit for your (Laboratory, Process, High-speed, please enter the appropriate one) TEWS instruments. We would be happy to help you with your selection according to your specifications concerning the moisture, density, and temperature range of your product.

Tews sensors 

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