HunterLab's innovative products were the first to receive USDA approval for the instrumental evaluation of food colour and are used by major food processors and packagers, including ConAgra Foods, Tyson Food, Inc., Swift and Company, Cargill, Smithfield Food and Boars Head. Our MiniScan EZ and other spectrophotometers are used by research facilities in universities worldwide, the USDA and the Canadian Department of Agriculture.

Colour measurement for meats provides a standardised measure to determine the freshness and quality of the meat during processing and packaging. In addition, it is used to measure marbling in beef and lamb as an additional quality indicator. Due to the diversity of processed meat products, such as cold cuts, sausage, and fresh, prepared and frozen meats, there is a wide variation of acceptable colours. Colour is also used during research and by regulatory agencies to monitor freshness and test processing methods. There is a wide variety of meats that can be colour measured including ham, fillet, steak, turkey, hot dogs, and ground beef. The most popular measurement tool is the MiniScan EZ 45/0 LAV, which is accurate, portable and easy to use.

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