Cereal colour measurement can be broken into two primary groups; "cereal" as a finished product, and the grains or raw materials cereal ingredients. In the former, the importance of colour measurement is to insure that the colour meets with the expectations of the consumer. For the later, the importance is in controlling the grains and raw materials to insure consistency throughout the supply chain.

- Cereal Colour Measurement

Cereals are the finished products that are processed from grains such as maize, wheat, rice, oats and rye. Cereals come in all sizes, shapes, colours and flavours. Strong associations between the consumer's judgment of a product's colour and its taste are learned through experience, and cereal producers around the world understand the importance of colour consistency of their cereal products.  In many cases the colour of cereals is measured to ensure batch-to-batch consistency to exacting colour standards.

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