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All BioWhittaker™ Classical Media products are manufactured in accordance with GMP regulations. A Device Master Record (DMR) is prepared for every liquid medium product. It defines the procedures for production from receipt of raw materials to final product release, the environmental and processing controls required, as well as product specifications, including packaging and labeling. Product manufacturing is consistent with the requirements defined in the DMR, which ensures that each lot of a product is consistent with all other lots of the same product.

Serum-free media and reagents have a wide range of applications, including production of monoclonal antibodies, viral antigens, and recombinant proteins using a variety of mammalian and invertebrate cell lines. There are numerous advantages associated with the use of serum-free media formulations.

BioWhittaker™ Cell Culture Reagents include a number of different products, such as amino acids, antibiotics, and buffers, all of which are used routinely in research, and manufacturing applications involving cell culture. These products are manufactured under the same GMP conditions as our other cell culture products.

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