QLIMS has been rebuilt from the ground up using new technologies to bring you the next generation of web-based LIMS.

Through extensive experience with over 800 labs using QLIMS throughout the world, OnQ Software has developed a high degree of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) functionality for a variety of different industry sectors. 

QLIMS  is a sophisticated laboratory software package that can manage all of your sample workflow and business logic. QLIMS  combines manual interaction with automated data integration for analytical instruments, ERP (e.g. SAP, JDE, Prism, etc.), process control, customer relations and project management systems to provide smooth and efficient flow of information within your organization. 

Comprehensive reporting of data is provided using Crystal Reports™ and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. If you prefer other reporting tools... don't worry, the QLIMS  open architecture lets you use any other reporting tool that works with our supported databases (SQL Server™ and Oracle™).

QLIMS Cloud Enterprise

QLIMS Cloud Enterprise Services allows you to be more productive and cost-efficient by allowing you to concentrate on what matters most - your business.

Cloud Services include:

  • A Public or Private Cloud Offering
  • All Software Licensing
  • Application(s) High Availability
  • Development, Test, Validation, and/or Production Application Environments
  • Infrastructure Maintenance including Installation, Patch Management, Malware Protection, System Monitoring, Notifications, etc.
  • Database Maintenance, Backup, and Retention Services

Clarity LIMS by GenoLogics

Clarity LIMS Gold is a system built specifically for the needs of clinical or research, genomics and mass spec laboratories to provide end-to-end workflow tracking and integration, time-saving automation for complex and mundane tasks, preconfigured workflows, management reporting functionality, support for regulatory compliance, and role-based interfaces designed to match the needs of individuals in the lab and collaborators/clients.

Genomics and mass spec labs face multiple information management challenges, such as frequently changing lab workflows, integration of rapidly evolving instruments and tools, cross-organization collaborations, stringent regulatory compliance standards, and overloaded IT and Informatics teams. Clarity LIMS transcends the idea that LIMS systems are a necessary evil and addresses these challenges by streamlining workflows and automating mundane tasks, freeing up staff to tackle more important work.