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Alphatech represents Thermo Scientific who have been in the radiation detection and measurement business since 1949. Thermo Scientific has been providing large-scale radiation detection systems to the metal recycling and metal production industries for over 25 years, designing and installing their first scrap metal monitor in 1987.

Thermo Scientific pioneered and refined the science behind detecting and resolving the low level radioactive signal from orphaned sources of radiation buried in scrap metal.

Minimising Risk

Are you concerned with radioactive sources showing up at your recycling or scrap blending facility? Finding their way into your scrap metals stream and contaminating your shearing, shredding or melting process? Or ending up contaminating your products and having them wind up in the hands of consumers?

There should be a concern. Long before the security threat posed by radioactive sources was thrust to the forefront of the news by terrorist events around the world, the threat was and still is real for industrial operations, and the costs to worker safety, equipment decontamination or replacement, and lost productivity can be significant!


History has shown time and time again that no single radiation detection instrument or installation can guarantee protection and traceability at any single point of the material handling process.

Multiple points of inspection help overcome the problems of too little time, too great a distance and too much shielding that will be surely be encountered at any one inspection point.

The breadth of our product offering is unparalleled in the industry; everything from simple electronic dosimeters to radiation detection portal systems, from hand held gamma spectroscopic instruments to advanced spectroscopic portal systems.

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