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Collaborating Partners

Kerr Scientific Ltd 

Kerr Scientific Instruments (KSI) is a designer and manufacturer of Brain Slice and Tissue Recording Systems for teaching, education and research. KSI is an innovative company with a strong research and development focus.

The Kerr Tissue Recording SystemTM is a laboratory instrument (recording chamber with accessories) which allows the user to record and rapidly assess the effects of drugs and toxins on living, electrically excitable tissues.


Dionex - HPLC systems

If your interest is fast, high flow, high pressure operations, then the UltiMate 3000 will deliver robust, high throughput analyses. 

If you need more selectivity than a single column can provide, or need the higher performance of on-line sample preparation, the UltiMate 3000 x2 Dual LC systems provide the perfect solutions. 

If you are running a simple, isocratic analysis, UltiMate 3000 is the robust, labor-saving, economical system that you need. 

In each case, single-point and intelligent control through Chromeleon® software will ensure the success of your analyses and help optimize separations while keeping operator intervention to a minimum.


ABI - Mass Spec systems

The API 3200™ LC/MS/MS system is a fully-integrated triple quadrupole mass spectrometer built using premier technology that combines sensitivity and selectivity with ruggedness and reliability, all in an affordable, compact package.


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