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Relative Dosimetry

Blue Phantom COMPACT This small footprint 2D water phantom provides the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable scanning innovations based on the leading 3D tank - The Blue Phantom². Its compact design allows for easy transportation, which makes it ideal for annual checks, satellite hospitals, and commissioning service providers. Request more information. blue phantom compact.jpg
Blue Phantom Helix

Smaller size tank for periodic quick QA tasks and for TomoTherpy® commissioning & QA.

Water phantom with three-dimensional servo, scanning volume equal to 520 x 140 x 220 mm (In x Cr x Z) (exterior dimensions: 680x407x360 mm (In x Cr x Z)) small size for an easy storage and fast setup (no lift table required).

Superior magnetostrictive sensor technology for each direction (x, y and z travel) for highest detector positioning accuracy. Engraved crosshairs on all five tank walls for ease of water phantom setup. High precision detector positioning with advanced horizontal inclination adjustment system. Small universal detector holder to mount ionization chambers with a diameter of 4 mm to 10 mm in horizontal orientation. Quick coupling system. Request more information.

blue phantom helix.jpg
Blue Phantom²

Gold standard water phantom allowing fastest, most accurate and most reliable Linac and TPS commissioning and QA.

Quality beam scanning is the cornerstone for treatment planning and delivery accuracy.
The new Blue Phantom² embodies decades of expertise, research and experience, providing you the best in water phantoms. Request more information.

blue phantom2.jpg
Water Phantom Carriage

Water phantom carriage with electrically operated telescopic lift mechanism, including levelling frame. Request more information.

water phantom carriage.jpg

Water Reservoir Water reservoir carriage with either a uni-directional pump or  reservoir carriage with bi-directional pump. Request more information. water reservoir.jpg

1D Water Phantom for Absolute Dosimetry according to all existing protocols
One dimensional, stand-alone wate rphantom for absolute dose measurements according to TG-51 (lead filter option needed) and IAEA TRS-398 protocols. Request more information.


1D Water Phantom for Absolute Dosimetry Calibration with horizontal beam incidence
The WP34 Phantom is designed for absolute dose measurements in radiation beams with horizontal beam incidence.

Furthermore, it is suitable for the calibration of ionization chambers used in radiation therapy.

The phantom design allows cross calibration of a field ionisation chamber against a calibrated reference chamber at the user facility. Request more information.

Linear Diode Array

Five times faster data scanning. Compared to traditional methods, where only one detector measures the dose output of the linear accelerator in a lengthy point-by-point approach, the LDA-99 SC measures an entire dose profile at once; a full 40cm field profile is acquired in less than one second. Request more information.


Stealth Chamber and Razor Detector

For small field dosimetry for use with any existing IBA water phantom. Perturbation-free "beam invisible" reference signal chamber for relative dosimetry, and high performance diode detector for small field dosimetry. Request more information.


For more information, please email us or call Mark Sweeney on 09 580 1959

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