Latest Updates

  • Micromate Tube Labels
    MicroMate Labels are designed for use on 1.5 ml. or 2 ml. Centrifuge Tubes. These unique film labels are designed to Endure Extreme Temperatures, Autoclaving, PCR Cycling in Oil and will not come off in Rotors, Cyclers or Racks. Priced at $75 for 500 labels. Order online
  • Special Alert: MycoAlert
    Mycoplasma detection made easy with MycoAlert and the Lucetta reader. Ten tests for $197 until 31/10/15. Call for more information
  • Wine testing discount
    Ebulliometers and Carbodoseurs (and parts) are on a special discount of 10% until the end of October 2015. Order on line now.
  • 30% discount on Precisa Balances
    High quality, Swiss-made Precisa balances are currently available at 30% off list price. Call for more information

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