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Disk Sources are mainly used for checking the performance of GM tubes and NaI detectors. The disks measure 1" (25.4 mm) by 0.25" (6.35 mm) and are manufactured of high-strength plastic. The active diameter of the disk is 0.197" (5.0 mm) with the active area centered in the disk.

Alphatech offers the highest quality disk source at the lowest cost (to you.) There are many more nuclide disk sources available than are shown. If you do not find the source you need, call Alphatech; we will let you know what is available.



Alphatech offers a wide variety of Rod Sources for well counters to satisfy the needs of your department. These sources are used for calibrating well type NaI detectors. They are constructed of high- strength plastic to withstand the rigors of constant use in a busy department. They have a flat base which allows easy positioning in the vertical position required for consistent accuracy (in the counting of) many tests.


REFERENCE STANDARDS Each E-vial reference source comes with a certificate of radio-activity calibration that guarantees accuracy within 5%. The critical nature of NRC and agreement state regulations for dose calibrator QC demand the most accurate reference sources available. Reference sources can be purchased individually, or in cost-effective sets of three or four. Sets come in various combinations of radionuclide sources to fit your needs. An 18 month day to day decay calender is available to eliminate calculations. REF STANDARDS
FILLABLE FLOOD SOURCE Capintecs fillable floods are plastic forms with a watertight central cavity that holds radioactive solution. To increase their accuracy in testing uniformity, these floods are designed for horizontal filling, which prevents the bulging caused by water pressure during vertical filling and ensures greater uniformity of radioactivity distribution. This enhanced uniformity is particularly important when testing SPECT FILLABLE ROD SOURCE

Alphatech provides Flood Sources from Capintec. Capintecs interest in the Flood Source business is to provide you, the customer, with the BEST POSSIBLE VALUE to meet the quality control you must have. Therefore, Capintec pledges to offer you the best service for your Flood Source needs regardless of phantom size, activity, manufacturer or time of need. They also provide sources for special requirements with
transmission sources and as needed special activity amounts for floods.

Full Line of Flood Sources
We have aaccess to circular and rectangular flood phantoms for standard, LFOV, Dual and Triple Head Cameras


For more information on reference standards & sources, please email us or call Mark Sweeney on 09 580 1959

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