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Alphatech has serviced the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine sector for over 30 years, providing clients with a range of products both for clinical use and for image quality testing. We bring experience in radiation monitoring, image quality tests and X-ray output quality control.

MOZART® Specimen Radiography MOZART® System with TomoSpec® Technology. 3D specimen radiography for the most comprehensive margin analysis available with zero warm up, auto-calibration, and rapid image acquisition without repositioning the specimen to save valuable procedure time.
Offers risk reduction with fewer call backs and lower re-excision rates to improve the standard of care for patients.
The Worlds First Specimen Tomosynthesis Imaging System
XPERT® Digital Specimen Radiography Systems Easy to use, this mobile, self-contained, shielded cabinet X-ray system is designed to meet imaging requirements for surgically excised core tissue and stereotactic biopsies. The XPERT® 40 System eliminates scheduling conflicts in Mammography and reduces time in Surgery for intra-operative imaging of specimens. The XPERT® 40 System also has applications in Pathology for inspection of tissue specimens and wax blocks.
The XPERT® 40 System provides high resolution, high contrast, X-ray images, using either radiographic film, CR, or the DIGIVIEW™ line of digital detectors up to 8 x 8 inches (20 cm x 20 cm) in size. A small focal spot x-ray source and adjustable sample positioning provides the XPERT® 40 System with up to 5X magnification increasing visibility and detail of the smallest abnormalities. An x-ray source of up to 50kV and 1.0 mA provides easy penetration and eliminates the concerns of imaging dense surgical tissue in any specimen container.
Compact X-Ray Systems The OTC12D from DEL Medical is a state-of-the-art imaging suite offering complete exam versatility, precision and reliability. The durable OTC12 overhead tube crane combined with our industry leading 800lb patient load elevating table and slender design wall stand can readily meet the demands of the busiest imaging environments.
With an incredibly low total cost of ownership, the OTC12D is ideal for private practice and also high-throughput environments such as hospitals, emergency rooms, imaging centres and high volume outpatient facilities. See why for years the OTC series from Del Medical has been recognized as the industry gold standard and technologist choice for high patient volume radiographic suites.
Cobia Smart from RTI Cobia Smart from RTI is a straightforward and simple-to-use instrument for checking that the output from an X-ray tube is correct. Place it beneath the X-ray tube, make an X-ray exposure, and rapidly get an accurate reading. The measured values can be read directly from Cobia Smarts large and clear display, even from a distance. No adjustments are required, making it exceptionally easy to use. cobia smart.jpg
The Black Piranha from RTI The Black Piranha from RTI makes QA quick and easy but is both powerful and unique. This coupled with the Ocean software provides the ultimate QA solution for both technicians and physicists.
Everything happens in a flash! The Black Piranha is quick, the Ocean software is quick and therefore your daily QA-work will go quickly. Ocean can perform instant real-time analysis during your measurements. Ocean also prepares a report in the background as you go. So when the work is done, if you want a complete report of your work just press print!
Ocean Software Ocean 2014 is the diagnostic software to use with your RTI instrument. It displays all your measurements and waveforms gathered on an easy-to-read screen. Ocean suits everybodys needs, it doesnt matter if you require a full report or if you only want to use the computer as a display Ocean adapts to you.
If you use Ocean in Quick Check mode, you will be ready to start measuring within seconds. The Quick Check mode detects what instrument and what probes you have connected to assist you the best way possible just plug n play.
By using Ocean, you can plan your measurements in advance, create checklists, add pop-up information for a specific exposure, and include instructions to simplify the work for you and your co-workers. Anyone performing the same test at a later stage will have a well-planned measurement protocol and can avoid any uncertainties in the set-up. Use Ocean to create standardized measurements, not only for X-ray equipment, but also for the complete X-ray room.
THM1176 Three-axis Hall Magnetometer The THM1176 family combines the performance of a professional Hall instrument with the usability of a consumer USB device.
Its range goes from the µT to 20 T, DC to 1 kHz, with ±1% accuracy. It simultaneously measures all three axes of the magnetic field, so you get a true field strength reading no matter how you hold the probe. The entire instrument has been reduced to a cable with a few fat spots, which can plug directly into your PC or into a battery-powered handheld computer.
The result is the most compact, lightweight, low-power, go-anywhere and measure-anything magnetometer in the world.
three axis.jpg
Light Field Alignment Phantom For fast and precise checks of the radiation and light fields without film or additional hardware the IBA light field alignment phantom is the ideal tool. It is easy to setup against the light field and has a fluorescent plate to visualise your radiation field right after the irradiation without additional processing. Field scales marked for 5x5, 10x10, 15x15, and 20x20 cm2. light field.jpg
Primus Image Quality Phantom

The Primus test device from IBA is designed for quality checks on digital & conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic X-ray units (according to DIN 6868-4, 2007).

The Primus is used to check spatial resolution, the verification of used kV-range, contrast resolution, the alignment of light and X-ray field, geometry symmetry and image scale.

Alphatech can supply a number of other test devices including bean alignments tools and tools for image quality checks for CR and DR imaging. Contact Alphatech for more information.

primus l.jpg
Hitachi Aloka Medical MY DOSE The MY DOSE series allows you to check the accumulated amount of radiation exposure at any time. The MY DOSE personal monitor is designed to be placed into a pocket (chest or abdomen) of a technologist or physician who handles radiation or a person who is required to enter a radiation handling facility.
The PDM 227 version is designed with an alarm function and has a wide measurement range from 1¼Sv to 1Sv. It will display accumulated dose and dose rate. It has an easy to read backlit LCD display and can operate up to 700 hours before the need to replace the battery.
hitachi my dose.jpg
Powder-Free Radiation Attenuating Gloves Powder-Free Radiation Attenuating Gloves. These help to provide protection from direct x-ray beam and scattered radiation, and reduce harmful radiation exposure during any procedure requiring the use of fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine.
At just .007" thick, these gloves provide superior performance and dexterity over thicker, conventional radiation gloves. The reduced thickness allows for more flexibility and greater touch sensitivity while decreasing finger fatigue all factors critical when working with instruments.
radiation gloves.jpg
Protective Aprons Comfortable, supple, protective aprons. These are designed with a lead vinyl core which is totally sealed in a tough, easy-to-clean, chemical, abrasion and aging resistant outer covering that is more pliable and lighter than standard lead rubber aprons.
Contact us to obtain a quotation for your specific needs.
radiation apron.png
RTI Survey Meter The RTI Survey Meter, pressurized ion chamber, provides highly sensitive measurements of exposure or dose.
It can simultaneously display the rate and either integrated value or highest rate (peak) seen by the instrument. The integrated value or peak-rate can be reset using one of the four convenient front panel mounted buttons.
The 256K colour display provides an optimized presentation of the data and is accompanied with icons informing the user of the active functions and instrument status.
All logged data can be written in csv format to a standard USB thumb drive for convenient retrieval by a PC spreadsheet or database program. Alarms
are manifested using colour changes on
rti survey.jpg

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