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myQA from IBA

The myQA Platform offers an all-in-one interface that completely redesigns how the user is able to manage and organise their QA applications. It enhances the QA workflow and maximizes efficiency by integrating all QA software modules into one platform and one Central Database (SQL) which is accessible throughout the department and even satellite clinics.

my QA
Using the myQA Cockpit, users can maintain connectivity by reviewing and tracking their patient data and machine QA status from anywhere and on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. It also allows the user to keep an instant overview with simple and clear reporting on one screen. With the myQA Cloud, the user is given a unique outlet to perform benchmarking of their QA data for best practice checks and full trust in their results. The myQA Cloud grants users the opportunity to anonymously connect with peers and data from around the world. Please contact Alphatech and arrange the installation of a trail copy of the myQA program for 30 days.  We are happy to assist with installation and will supply a complete copy of the users manual to help get you started. Request more information.

myQA Platform

Have full control of your data with myQA Platform
- Data Control!
- Data Efficiency!
- Data Compliance!

Integrate all your data and applications into one software platform and one Central Database (SQL)
- Accessible throughout your department and even satellites
- Data safety and compliance with administration rights, central approvals, and reporting

myqa platform.jpg

myQA Cockpit

Never miss any QA information again with myQA Cockpit
Connect all of your QA applications and Cross Reference data.
- An instant overview with simple and clear reporting on one screen
- Track your patient data and machine QA status

myqa cockpit.jpg

myQA Cloud The myQA Cloud is a web application a component of the myQA software package that allows users to perform benchmarking of their QA data for best practice checks, and to connect (anonymously) with peers and data from around the world, and thereby build confidence in their procedures, results and performance.
Benchmark data for full trust in your results with myQA Cloud
- Perform benchmarking of your QA data for best practice checks
- Connect (anonymously) with peers and data from around the world
myqa cloud.jpg
myQA Patients

myQA Patients your platform-based Plan Verification myQA Patients is your efficient, intuitive and connected solution for patient plan verification of your IMRT, rotational and FFF treatments. Designed to increase your efficiency and to reduce your QA time, myQA Patients offers you full control of your patient data.

Measurements are effected with the MatriXX detector of your choice. IMRT and rotational plan verification is facilitated with the use of MultiCube and/or other IBA IMRT phantoms.

myqa patients.png
myQA Machines

myQA Machines is the software module that provides a complete set of functions to plan, perform, analyze, and document quality assurance of treatment units, imaging devices and their accessories, based on customizable protocols.

  • Protocol based machine QA (default protocol: TG-142)
  • Customizable protocols and tolerances
  • Full coverage of tests related to dosimetry, safety, medical imaging, MLC QA, etc.
  • Generic tests with customizable pass / fail criteria can be used for definition, scheduling, tracking and reporting of any QA tasks
  • Flexible scheduling tool to manage your tasks, resources and time
  • Consolidated printing and reporting of all QA results
  • Interface to myQA Cockpit for quick and easy access to all QA results through web browser.
  • Comprehensive analysis, archiving and reporting tools.
  • Request more information on myQA machines
myqa machines.jpg
myQA FastTrack

Connect to your StarTrack* or MatriXX detector. Measure. Instant display of results and real-time analysis (e. g. for beam steering) such as:

  • Dose output
  • Energy check with energy verification plates
  • Profile analysis according to standard protocols (symmetry, flatness, penumbra etc.)
  • Profile comparison
  • Time based measurements (e. g. for analysis of start-up behavior)
  • The application is fully integrated into the myQA platform for common set-up, calibrations and interfacing with myQA Patients and myQA Machines
  • Request more information.

myqa fasttrack.jpg

myQA Accept

Advanced acquisition and analysis software that controls the designated devices to measure and verify radiation dose distribution in radiotherapy. It is the new software application that will connect to the myQA Platform, enabling the user to benchmark ones data in the cloud, and to use scans as test results or individual reference in their myQA Machines. In addition, it allows interface to myQA Cockpit for quick and easy access to the measurements and QA results through web browser. Request more information.

myqa accept.jpg

The Black Piranha The Black Piranha Easy & Fast X-ray Quality Control The Black  Piranha with accessories makes X-ray QA easy and fast. Connection is automatic just plug n play. The Quick Check feature identifies the probes you insert and selects the optimum Piranha settings for your measurements sit back and let the Piranha do the work! black piranha

For more information, please email us or call Mark Sweeney on 09 580 1959

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