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We specialise in instrumentation and radioisotopes used in a wide range of applications. We address a broad range of needs within specific areas of medicine including Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Dermatology, Radiology and Dental. We address the need for quality reporting systems, calibration and measurement as well as safety both for staff and visitors to sites using radioactive materials.
Radioactive materials are used in Veterinary Sciences, Aircraft Maintenance, and Material Testing as well as in laboratories at Universities and Research and Development Departments. Alphatech has the experience to identify and match a range of sophisticated products to our clients specialised needs. Although radioactive materials are controlled substances, there is a growing need to ensure that uncontrolled sources do not enter our environment. These sources can turn up in Scrap Metal or at our boarders. We supply products for Scrap Metal yards, Border Security, the Military and Emergency Services to aid with the identification and control of radioactive material.
Measurement and control is an underlying theme when it comes to the range of products we offer. Radiation is not the only area we provide measurement products for. We also provide products to measure magnetic flux and power supplies to control linear accelerators.


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