Our Instrumentation Range

Measureable and Repeatable - the two keywords which define the scientific process.

For this to happen, precise and accurate test equipment is mandatory. We pride ourselves on being able to supply almost every type of test or measurement instrument for every lab and every branch of science.

Whether you need sample preparation systems, measuring and analysis equipment or sample and data storage, we have a product for you. If you can't see the type of system you need in the list below, call us - we will try to find a solution for you.

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Instruments (A - M)
Acid Purification
Analyte Analysers
Animal Handling Cabinets
Animal Physiology Products
Atomic Absorption Spectrometers  (AAS)
Atomic Force Microscopes
Baths (water, oil, sand, ultrasonic)
Bioresearch Products
Blood Bank Products
Cap Torque Testing
Cell Disruption
Cell Harvester
Cell Imaging (cytoSmart)
Colony Counters
Colony Pickers/Harvesters
Colour Matching Spectroscopy
Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Meters Buy online
Confocal Raman Microscopes
Dewars / Cryostats
Dissolution Systems
Dissolved Oxygen Meters  Buy online
Dosing Pumps/Process Controllers Buy online
Electrophoresis (Gel and Capillary)
Elemental Analysers
Ethylene Gas Detection (food industry)
Fermenter/Bioreactor systems
Fluid Metering Pumps
Gas Detectors
Gas Generators (Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Zero Air, TOC)
GC Hardware and Software 
GC-IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry)
Geiger Counters
Gel Image Analysis Software (2D)
Gel Imaging
General Laboratory Equipment
Heating Blocks
Heating Mantles
High Pressure Reactors
Hot Plates
HPLC Hardware and Software
Imaging Software
Incubators (Standard, CO2)
In Vivo imaging
Industrial Calibration Products
Industrial Materials Testing
Instrument Power Protection Systems
Ion Specific Measurement
IR Spectrometers
Laminar Flow Cabinets
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS or LIBZ)
Laser Tweezers
LIMS Software
Liquid Concentrators/Evaporators
Liquid Handling Workstation
Mass Spectrometry
MS Direct Acquisition in Real Time
Microarray scanners
Microtiter Plate Readers
Microscopes (Compound, Stereo)
Microscope Anti-vibration Tables
Microwave Digestion
Microwave Moisture Content Analyser
Microwave Tissue Processors
Multi-parameter meters Buy online
Instruments (N - Z)
Nuclear Medicine Products
Oenology Products
Oil Content Analysis
Particle Size Analysers
Patch Clamping
Personal Dosemeters (PDM)
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
pH Meters  Buy online
Physics QA and Accreditation instrumentation
Physics Research
Plant Growth Cabinets
Plasma Blast Freezers
Plate Readers  (including 16 x 300uL micro volume)
Protein Analysis
Pumps: Fluid Metering, Syringe and Peristaltic
Radiation Survey Meters
Radioisotopes in Medicine
Radiology Accreditation and QA
Radiotherapy Products
Raman Microscopy
Raman Spectrometry
Reaction Chambers (High and Low Pressure)
Refractive Index Measurement
Robotic Sample Preparation
Rotary Evaporators
Rubber Analysis
Scrap Metal Radiation Detection systems
Simco Static Elimination / Control
SMB Chromatography
Solid Phase Extraction  (SPE)
Solvent Evaporation
Spray Coater/Dryers
Stethoscopes (Electronic)
Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Syringe Pumps
TEM Imaging Plate Technology
Temperature Meters
Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity
Thermal Cyclers (PCR)
Thermoluminescent Dosimetry (TLD)
Thin Layer Chromatography
Tissue Homogenization
Tissue Recording SystemTM
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis
Turbidity Meters  Buy online
Ultrasonic Baths and Probes
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Veterinary Science and Surgery
Viscometric Analysis
Vortex Mixers
Water Analysis
Water baths
Water Detection
Water Purification
Wine manufacturing specialty products
XRF Spectrometer
X-Ray Generators and Controllers
X-Ray Calibrators & Phantoms

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