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Detection - Fiducial Markers

Detection - Fiducial Markers

Alphatech is able to access the Visicoil range of fiducial markers. These are designed to aid Radiation Oncologist in developing a treatment plan and aid Radiation Therapist in executing the treatment plan.

Accuracy counts!
The hollow core of VISICOIL™ reduces the artifact caused by solid gold seeds in many imaging machines. VISICOIL™'s reduced artifact aids the Radiation Oncologist during contouring. Better visibility of the tumor allows for increased dosing to the tumor and tighter margins.

See the ultrasound-guided implantation procedure for VISICOIL™ imaging markers. Follow this link. Watch a video that demonstrates steps detailed in the VISICOIL™ "Instructions for Use. (This video is not a clinical recommendation). For further information contact us at Alphatech.

fiducial marker
MobileMOSFET The mobileMOSFET Dose Verification System (TN-RD-70-W) takes MOSFET Dosimetry to the next level.  The mobileMOSFET is an easy to use, seamlessly integrated system that minimizes dosimetry and QA time.
This wireless system is entirely software driven, allowing for complete control of one or more systems from a remote PC.  The system consists of Remote Monitoring Dose Verification Software, wall-mounted BlueTooth™ Wireless Transceiver, and a small Reader Module that acts as a channel between the MOSFET and software.  Up to five MOSFETs or one Linear 5ive Array can be plugged into one module.  This provides easy mobility within the treatment room.  The PC is online with the Reader.
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For more information, please email us or call Mark Sweeney on 09 580 1959

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