Analytical Instrumentation for Rubber Manufacturing


    TA Instruments introduces a complete line of new instruments for the measurement of rheological and physical properties of polymers, rubber and rubber compounds at all stages of manufacture. The new rubber testing instruments include Moving Die Rheometer ,Mooney ViscometerAutomated Density Tester  and Automated Hardness Tester .

    All TA Instruments rubber testing systems are manufactured to exacting mechanical standards and with the latest measurement technology for the most accurate, reliable and reproducible data available. Available automation systems   allow for maximum unattended laboratory productivity in all test environments. Relevant  ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards are easily met, as are demands for advanced testing, making these instruments the ideal choice for quality control, analytical, and research needs.

    As the world leader in viscoelastic measurements for over forty years, TA Instruments brings technical expertise in making the most accurate physical property measurements and provides a world-renowned global support network.

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