Calibration Devices

Industry Applications:

  • Petrochemical 
  • Aeronautical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Military
  • Power generation 

The Techne Industrial range of products encompasses:

  • Welcome to Techne Industrial
    Techne is a long established name and world leader in the manufacture of temperature control and essential equipment for the life sciences, research, calibration laboratories and industry. The Techne Industrial range of products encompasses Liquid Calibration baths, Dri-Block Calibrators, Fluidised calibration and heat treatment baths and Thermometry products. Techne also manufacture Industrial Fluidised Baths to remove residues from plastic extrusion tooling.
  • Baths
    A comprehensive range of temperature controlled liquid baths are available from Techne.Twenty different water bath combinations allow the use of accurate temperatures from -40C up to 250C; ensuring a solution for most laboratory and Calibration applications.
  • Dri-Block Calibrators
    The Tecal Block Calibrator series are used as portable temperature calibrators in a wide variety of industries for checking the calibration of thermocouples, RTDs and liquid filled sensors in many industrial processes. These models cover the range -40C to 1200C.
  • Fluidised Baths
    Fluidised baths are dry and inert, making them a safe and clean alternative to conventional liquid systems and salt baths. These baths cover the range from 50C to 1100C. They are used in materials and component quality control, calibration laboratories and thermal processes providing rapid heat transfers with precise and uniform temperature control.
  • Thermoregulators
    Techne invented the 'Clip On' thermoregulator in 1948, and now offer four 'Clip On' units. Thermoregulators are designed to be used with the Techne unheated water baths or any other suitable laboratory vessels. They will heat, circulate and safely control the temperature of the liquid in the bath within precise limits.

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Techne also manufacture Industrial Fluidised Baths to remove residues from plastic extrusion tooling.


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