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myQA Patients

myQA Patients is your efficient, intuitive and connected solution for patient plan verification of your IMRT, rotational and FFF treatments. Designed to increase your efficiency and to reduce your QA time, myQA Patients offers you full control of your patient data.

Measurements are effected with the MatriXX detector of your choice. IMRT and rotational plan verification is facilitated with the use of MultiCube and/or other IBA IMRT phantoms.

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Compass Compass Application for patient-specific, anatomy-based 4D plan verification. By maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors, it is the ultimate solution in patient-specific plan verification. The complete package comes with a MatriXX Evolution detector. compass.jpg

Dolphin the first and only Online Treatment Monitoring System, it is your unique solution for better patient care and maximized treatment safety of SBRT and other advanced treatments.

The wireless Dolphin transmission detector, with its unique and patient-friendly design, is mounted and secured on the Linac gantry head for measurements during the actual patient treatment. The advanced software application provides you with online control and confidence of treating your patients exactly as planned until the last fraction delivered.

MatriXX Evolution

2D detector array optimized for fast and accurate verification of rotational delivery IMRT beams versus planned data as well as Linac Machine QA.

The MatriXXEvolution consists of 1020 air vented pixel ionization chambers uniformly distributed among an area of 24 x 24cm² at 100 cm SDD.

The distance between the individual detectors is 7.6mm (center to center). The MatriXXEvolution includes a temperature and pressure sensor to perform an automated k(t,p) correction of the chamber signal.

The parallel readout of all 1020 detectors with a minimum sampling frequency of 20 msec enables acquisition of both, individual IMRT segments as well as the total integrated delivered dose.

A gantry angle sensor connected to the device measures the gantry rotation angle directly.

matrixx evo.jpg
MatrixXX FFF

Advanced 2D detector array optimized for fastest and most accurate verification of rotational delivery IMRT beams versus planned data as well as Linac Machine QA in conventional and high-dose-rate beams.

FFF proven: The MatriXXFFF supports currently available and anticipated high-dose-rate delivery systems. Charge collection efficiency greater than 99% at 1.0 mGy/pulse (10MV FFF at 100 cm SDD).

Flexible: Dedicated for high-dose-rate and conventional beams. Supports patient plan verification of IMRT and rotational treatments, as well as machine QA.
Fast: Optimized design for workflow

matrixx fff.jpg
MULTICube Phantoms

Advanced Phantom for use with MatriXX to analyze and validate rotational IMRT delivery.

Plastic Water® phantom designed for dynamic delivery to the MatriXX that includes:

  • Unique Plastic Water® with 4(four) 6cm build-up slabs and 1(one) 10cm with MatriXX insert
  • Customized locking pins to hold the MatriXX fixed within the phantom
  • Removable film cassette with auto-registration
  • Modular design for custom depth, including configuration for QA of posterior lesions
  • Engraved cross-hairs on three sides for easy alignment for CT and MVCT
  • Carbon fiber brackets to lock the phantom configuration
  • Flat sides for use in sagittal or coronal configuration
  • Completely metal free design for reproduction of quality CT set
multicube phantoms.jpg

Advanced pixel ionization chamber based linac QA device for periodic quality assurance of a variety of linac parameters.
By means of build-up plate, energy constancy checks for photon & electron beams are possible.

The StarTrack* is easy to set-up and align (treatment couch, or optionally, gantry mount). Data transfer to a PC or laptop goes via an Ethernet connection.

Energy Constancy Option

Energy Constancy Option for StarTrack* / MatriXX

For the verification of energy constancy of x-ray and electron beams.

Comprising of two energy verification plates incorporating unique attenuating materials in specific locations above the corresponding chambers of the StarTrack* or MatriXX for fast energy constancy verification.

energy constancy option.jpg

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