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Absolute Dosimetry


High-Performance Dual-Channel Reference Class Electrometer for reference dose and dose rate measurements in Radiation Therapy. The DOSE2 is a high-end, reference grade 2-channel electrometer with added chamber library, voltage requirements, read-out capability (dose & dose rate) and triggered (threshold) detection.

Control of the DOSE2 is handled by a large, colour LCD touchscreen for fast and easy operation, as well as convenient display of many measurement parameters simultaneously. Request more information.

Dose 1

High Performance Reference Class Electrometer. The therapy dose meter DOSE 1 is a reference class dose meter according to IEC731 with built-in electrical check source. It includes the Dose 1 measurement software. Request more information.

Digital Barometer Digital Barometer. Measuring range: 750 - 1100 hPa. Precision: +/- 0.5 hPa at 25° C, +/- 1.0 hPa for 0°C<T<50°C
Resolution: 0.01 hPa
digital barometer.jpg
Laboratory Thermometer Laboratory Thermometer Includes sensor PT100. Measurement range: -200°C ... +500°C. Resolution: +/- 0.01°C (-100°C ... +200°C), otherwise +/- 0.1°C. Precision: +/- 0.1% in the range of -100°C ...+200°C otherwise +/- 0.2% laboratory thermometer.jpg
Radioactive Stability Check Devices Radioactive Check Device type CDC for cylindrical detectors 90Sr radionuclide, 30 MBq +/- 10% activity
Dose rate at 10 cm distance (cover closed):
radioactive stability check devices.jpg

For more information, please email us or call Mark Sweeney on 09 580 1959

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